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New Patrons:

Returing Patrons:

If you have seen me before I always welcome a repeat. 

Please note my rate changes

In order to schedule there are several ways.

You may call me in between 8 & 10 in the mornings.

You may call me in between 10 & midnight most nights.


You may text me.  PLEASE for GOD'S SAKE!!  Tell me WHO YOU ARE when you text me.

Tell me your name and when you'd like to schedule.  PLEASE!!!!

You may email me:

You may use P411

You may message me via TER

      Question: What is 

          Quick Stop??

This is a last minute session for my KNOWN patrons only.

     Scheduled via Text.


If you are close by and can meet within the next hour.

           15 mn = 200

The best way to contact me is via Email:

Please email:

1. Your Real First and Last name

2. Your Age

3. Your proof of employment. This would be the company name, website, office number, Linked In site.  Just someway that can prove you really work there.

4. OR You can give me two references from Twin Cities providers. I would need their provider name, website, Twitter, email or means of contact.  And how they will remember you.

5.  Your online presence.  Do you have twitter, facebook, linked in, TER, P411 account? 

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