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I am back from a wonderful long weekend up north. I truly enjoy my visits to Bemidji. If you didn't know, Bemidji State University is my "Alma Mater". I have life long memories and friendships that will always warm my heart and refresh my soul.

Bemidji is changing. Getting younger. My bestie and I went to what used to be our favorite hang out spot and it was packed with muscle bound college athletes and cute young flirtatious blondes stumbling to the juke box to pay for the next new thing.

I ate up the energy and might have imbibed a little too much, but my best friend and I did manage to get a little bit of a following.....

(Have you ever had young people tell you..... "Oh You're So Wise")

I hiked. I swam in the pool and at the brand new public beach in Nymore. I had a great time. A Great Time!!!

So, anyway, back to the point at hand.

I'm home.

I'm available.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.

11 am - midnight

Each day.

Text me if you know me. Otherwise, go to my website:

and fill out my intake form.

Rhea xxxxoooo

  • Writer's pictureRhea Moore

I am in vacation mode!!

I will be out of town until Monday night.

Tuesday, June 1, I will be refreshed and ready for YOU!!

See you then. Have a wonderful weekend loves.

Rhea Moore xxxooo

  • Writer's pictureRhea Moore

I am open for bookings this week.

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

I usually start sessions at 11:00 am.

As of this posting, I am wide open these three days.

I'll stop taking sessions at 10 pm.

If you'd like to visit with me, check out my sessions and rates @

Don't forget about "Rhea's QuickStop". This is a last minute, you're in the neighborhood, quickie lunch/coffee break from work for you. IF YOU ALREADY KNOW ME!!!

To pop in you must text me: 612-816-3644

Tell me who you are and when and where you last saw me.

I have no availability Wednesday. I am fully booked.

But the rest of the week...... hopefully, see you soon.

Rhea xxxxooooo

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