• Rhea Moore

I am available Monday March 7th until 11pm

Tuesday March 8th at 10 am until noon

Wednesday March 9th - Saturday March 12th

Everyday from 11 am til 11 pm

I will be going through all my emails and contact forms and getting back to you tonight.

I have received text messages over February when I was on hiatus. I won't answer those just in case you don't 'have lone access to your own phone.

But you may text me again. Please let me know who you are and when I can return your message.

Hope to see you this week,

Rhea xxxooooo

  • Rhea Moore

Updated: Mar 9

Phone Sessions will be available starting on Sunday, Feb 6

Phone Sessions with Rhea can be

  1. Useful: If you ever wanted to see me but were hung up on leaving your personal information on my contact form. You and I can go over all the screening info over the phone. Then you can hear my lovely voice, meet a new friend, and eventually book an in person session with me.

  2. Friendly: Maybe you just want to converse with a sexy woman for a little while. Maybe you want to get to know me personally. Maybe you want to get a feel for my personality before you book an in person session. Maybe you just like my Twitter presence and you live too far away to meet me in person. For any of those reasons.... you should book a phone session.

  3. Sexy!! : Rhea Moore is nothing if not kinky, creative, imaginative, and super sexual over the phone. You better find some private place where you can get comfortable and feel free to touch yourself because I promise you that's what I'll be doing. I love the sensual ability to talk and hear each other express our pulsing need for the other. (Gemini that I am) Communication is the key to my kink!!!

So set up your session right now!! My phone line will be open Sunday starting at 11 am Central USA time.

The way you book this session:

Text Me! 1-612-816-3644

Let me know what time you would like to call me.

Go to my CashApp: $moorelove355

Or my Venmo: Rhea Moore @mgirl5951

And pay for the allotted time you wish for.

$25.00 per 15 mn session

I will text you to confirm that we have a phone session appointment set up.

Then Call Me at the time appointed.

Enjoy your phone session with Rhea!!

  • Rhea Moore

I just want to let you know that your attention to me has not gone unnoticed. You know, We "Ladies" have hearts as well.

Rhea xxxxooo