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Somewhere, sometime, this may or may not have happened: “Don’t think about anything except how good this feels the second time around.” Her hands slid in between his legs and curled around his balls squeezing them lightly.

In the beginning of their session she had unclothed him slowly as she gently kissed her way down his chest to his waist and then even lower. Her lips wrapped around him proved more than he had expected. He pressed his hips against her face and could feel the tip of his head poking deeply into her throat.

Then suddenly she sat up, pushed him down against the massage table and wrapped her large breasts around his pulsating shaft and in a cry of, “Your tits are beautiful!!” he came all over her chest.

Now, he’d had a long sensuous massage and she was working his genitals again. Stroking, kneading, pulling, sucking… whispering, “This is only about feeling good, it’s only about making sure that every part of your body gets touched during this massage.”

He felt himself rise once more, her lips stroking his cock, while her oiled, soft fingers were gently probing his anus. Then suddenly… “Mmmmm oooohhh Goooooddddd.” he moaned as he burst into his second orgasm of the night and looked into her smiling eyes. “Wow” was all he could seem to mutter as she continued the massage down his thighs and finishing at his feet.

  • Writer's pictureRhea Moore

Is everybody thankful for something today?

I'm thankful that I will soon be available again to give wonderful Massage and Moore sessions.

Starting tomorrow, Friday the 25th I will be available to you from 11am until 11pm each day.

At the beginning of this week, I moved out of my gorgeous apartment in Fridley. A new company took over my building and the rent was raised to what I felt was an unrealistic rate. Sadly, I had to give it up.

I am still at a centrally located place. So no worries.

I do want to apologize to those who have contacted me without response. I am settled now and will be answering emails and texts as the weekend goes on.

I'm definitely looking forward to meeting new friends and of course, can't wait to get back together with those I already know. (The Quick Stop for known friends is still an offer if you want a shorter visit at last minute. Just send me a text to see if I'm around.)

See you soon,

Rhea Moore xxxooo

  • Writer's pictureRhea Moore

So she finally understood that it was, in fact, her touch, her sensuality, her subtle stirring up of that sacred dawn, the affection that envelopes the whole session, and her gentle, persuasive awakening of that passionate, sexual energy that gave him the feeling of being caught in a whirlwind.

He was a calm lake on a beautiful sunny day which when whipped by the wind slowly begins to churn, spinning and reeling yet still yearning for more.

His hips writhing on the table, his moans, audible and delicious….

She finally understood that it was the power of her massage that had him burning up, the serene lake turning into a boiling, bubbling, spring of fresh, unfettered desire… Her body, hot and sweaty, skimming across his skin, her hands soft and oiled working their magic. Like nature, so many sudden changes, so many eruptions and then the water is calm again…

I am available this this whole week.

Oct 31 - Nov 5

All days I begin at 11 am (earlier upon request)

and I'll usually take my last appt around 10 pm if interested.

Let me whip you up.

Rhea Moore xxxooo

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