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2021 Has Been Awful

I'm so sorry you guys.

I keep getting emails, texts, calls.

I've been so sick though. Since July it seems like I just can't get rid of a horrible cold.

I've been tested for Covid, Immunized, visited two different clinics, but

I keep being told it's just a cold.

It's like a cold on steroids.

So, this is just my explanation for why I haven't returned many of the calls reaching out to me.

Almost every day I feel I have absolutely no energy.

I'm now realizing that I need to take my own steps to rejuvenate.

I am taking vitamin C, D, B12, and Zinc to boost my immune system.

Meditation in the morning, mild yoga at night, and trying to at least get up the energy for small mild work outs (with out coughing fits).

I drink hot tea at night and have a humidifier with essential oils going through out the day.

What are some other suggestions you might have so I can GET WELL!!!!

I hope I'll be back at it soon.

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