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A Touch of the Eternal

“Something deep within the human makeup needs and longs for a taste of eternity - at least a momentary release from the relentless pace of time.” Thomas Moore The Soul of Sex

She heard him sigh, bewildered. “I think you took me to a different planet,” his voice wispy and amazed.

She too was experiencing momentary displacement. She tried to refocus on his warm eyes, his soft dark hair, his beautiful face. Her breathing deep and erratic, she slowly untangled her limbs from his and climbed off of the table. Had she really been so carried away by the passion of their presence together that she had lost all control? Had she really just climbed up on the table and taken his hard cock in her warm, hot mouth and sucked him with a force that had him yelling, “You are Perfect!! You are Perfect!!”… ?

She only knew that every second of that whole session was like a trip to heaven, a drink of Eternity. Looking at his wide eyed gaze and his startled smile, she thought that he probably felt the same way….

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