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Availability for Rhea!! July 22 - 31

Curves and All.

Man it's been a tough few months. I let some life things really get me down but I want to express my genuine gratitude for those of you who stayed in touch.

Thank-you for you patience, your uplifting gifts, and always reminding me that you're there.

I am blessed.

Here is my availability for the last week of July:

7-22 5pm - 11pm

7-23 10am - 11pm

7-24 10am - 11pm

Basically, this weekend I'm here from 10 - 11pm

Then over the weekdays:

7/25 - 7/29 my hours are: 11am - 11pm

As my time starts to fill up, I'll update more specific available hours.

Be watching on my Twitter for daily updates: @mooremassage

Meanwhile I will be going through all of the request forms I have received over the past three months.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Rhea Moore xoxxox

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