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Availability Jan 9-14

Hello All! I hope you have been checking out my website and noting all of the changes I've made to my services. I'll be keeping you updated as the days go by.

For now I am available this week:

Monday: 5pm - midnight

Tuesday: noon - midnight

Wednesday: 10 am - midnight

Thursday: One morning session available. Then 4pm - midnight

Friday & Saturday: 10 am - midnight

Phone sessions for screening and scheduling will be available 8 am - 10 am most mornings

and 10 pm - midnight most nights. If you call me: 612-816-3644

Please DO leave a message. Let me know the best way and time to contact you back. Let me know the purpose of your call. I will get back to you. Thank you

I want to let you know about my locations now:


I am using this year as a time for exploration and travel. I really want to settle in a place that I truly love. So I will be moving my location around frequently.

I will mostly be in the Twin Cities area but am looking forward to traveling to different states and hopefully have some interest from patrons wanting to see me.

Shower and bathroom amenities will always be included no matter where I am.

You can always pay attention to my blog, twitter site, ad sites, or just book a phone session any given week to find out where I am and when we can meet.

I am welcoming, cozy, organized, and clean. I don't smoke. I don't have pets.

Your experience will be one of sensual comfort, and heady exploration of desire.

Passionately Yours,

Rhea Moore xxxooo

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