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Availability through the rest of August!

I don't know what this photo depicts but the curves, lines, and fading make me feel sensual. I'm so appreciative of art that can stimulate the senses. What does this photo make you think of?

Anyway, YES! I am available through the end of August.

I usually start each day at 11am and take my last appt around 9 pm. I usually only allow two sessions max per day, so there should always be open times during any given day.

(Keep that in mind if you're a "good friend" and are looking for quickie session)

Wed Aug 24 - anytime after 4pm

Thurs Aug 25 - 11am - 11pm

Fri Aug 26 - Next Wed Aug 31 Each day: 11am - 11pm

As I get booked through the week I will update my blog and most importantly I will post my availability for the day on my Twitter: @mooremassage

I am looking forward to seeing you before the cool winds of September blow in.

Rhea xxxooo

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