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Calm waters

So she finally understood that it was, in fact, her touch, her sensuality, her subtle stirring up of that sacred dawn, the affection that envelopes the whole session, and her gentle, persuasive awakening of that passionate, sexual energy that gave him the feeling of being caught in a whirlwind.

He was a calm lake on a beautiful sunny day which when whipped by the wind slowly begins to churn, spinning and reeling yet still yearning for more.

His hips writhing on the table, his moans, audible and delicious….

She finally understood that it was the power of her massage that had him burning up, the serene lake turning into a boiling, bubbling, spring of fresh, unfettered desire… Her body, hot and sweaty, skimming across his skin, her hands soft and oiled working their magic. Like nature, so many sudden changes, so many eruptions and then the water is calm again…

I am available this this whole week.

Oct 31 - Nov 5

All days I begin at 11 am (earlier upon request)

and I'll usually take my last appt around 10 pm if interested.

Let me whip you up.

Rhea Moore xxxooo

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