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Corona Conversations

What a year! Together we have survived one of the strangest experiences to affect human beings world wide.

The way that I rode this wave out was to adopt a nonchalant, yet careful, attitude toward the pandemic. I never had any symptom that would alarm me or alert me to my own infection. I did not have any relatives that were immediately affected by symptoms. I had no physical contact with anyone ever that had symptoms.

So, personally, I live my life much the same way I did before the pandemic: cautious but unconcerned.

I didn't adopt a political stance toward the pandemic either. I watched the news, yes, but I didn't take any of the information personally. I never felt that the government mandates were an affront to my freedom, or my values. I simply woke up in a day and lived my life.

If an establishment needed me to wear a mask, I brought a mask. If people had a problem with masks and I wanted to be in their presence, well I didn't wear a mask. I have no problem with carrying a light piece of cloth that fits over my mouth and wearing it.

My main concern was and is that I don't feel the need to offend anybody or to express my ego by hashing out this topic. I'm too laid back for that and too busy making my money to be overly concerned with the way that other business' were trying to make their money.

But "safety is sexy".

So, to make an appointment with me, you do need to wear a mask in my building as long as that is still the mandate for my apartment building. And if you request for me to wear a mask during our session I am always willing to accommodate.

I do want to let you know that when it came time for me to schedule my vaccinations I was able to do so without any aplomb, publicity, problem, or issue. I simply got my vaccinations taken care of, got my vaccine card for proof, and went on with my life.

I don't feel the need to advertise this but I don't feel the need to deny it either.

I think it's good for you, dear friend and potential client, to know that, for your sake and mine, I am fully vaccinated.

I hope that we all will be able to get through this and look back at it one day soon as a strange and distant memory. Until then, you are welcome in my sanitized, clean, studio and should feel that your safety, comfort, and pleasure are my highest priority

Have a Sexy Day!

Rhea Moore xxxxoooo

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