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First Contact

The three orbs.

The last time I gave a reading was the time that I scared a person so much that ran out of my home... yelling..

"How Could You Have Known That?"

I told myself in order to get along in this time frame, I had to stop using my powers.

Can I give a reading?


Am I always accurate??


Back in 2006 I took a trip to Panama City, Florida. It was a meditation retreat.

I sat on the beach by myself...

The orbs visited me.

I heard a loud ringing in my ear. The orbs appeared.

"You can exit this day if you want to."

I wanted to. But, I also had/have... two children. If I had not made it back from florida, they would have been obsessed with trying to figure out their mother's death.

There would have been nothing to figure out.

(only multiverse travelers understand this)

But I could not justify doing that.

So I said..... I know you offer me freedom, but I have responsibilities.

The orbs replied... "we will always take care of you. KNOW FREEDOM on this planet"

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