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Holiday Availability

I am available for the next couple of days in Woodbury.

Friday: 12/23 5pm - 11pm

Saturday 12/24 10am - 11pm

Christmas Night.... Let me know if you're alone and wanting company. Let's talk.

Monday: 12/26 9am, Then 3pm - 11pm

Tuesday: 12/27 10am - 11pm

Wednesday: 12/28 10am- 11pm

Thursday: 12/29 8am - noon

I know it's hard enough to navigate the holidays. Some of you are far away from your home and family and just need some cuddling and company. Some of you are just stressed out and need a one hour massage get away just to regain energy and composure to deal with all of the holiday strain.

I'm here for you. Discrete, easy, willing, bubbly, and accommodating.

Let me be your holiday oasis.

See you soon,

Rhea Moore xxxooo

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