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Last Week Available for April

I finally solidified my plans. I'm spending the last two weeks of April at a writing retreat. My group and I rented a Yurt. It's not as rugged as a tent but still we'll be out doors. We'll see if I last the full two weeks.

Anyway, I am available this week.

I'll be in Fridley Wednesday & Thursday

And I think I'll be in St. Paul Thursday evening, all day Friday, and Saturday morning.

I'll be heading out of town on Sunday. So catch me while you can this week in this gorgeous weather.

You can call me or email me to make an appointment.


phone: 612-816-3644 (but PLEASE, if you call me, LEAVE A MESSAGE!! Let me know who you are, if we've seen eachother already. Let me know when and how is the best way to contact you back and I will.)

If you text me, please let me know who you are, how I know you, If we have history. I will text you back if you introduce yourself.

I would love to get together this week with you.

Rhea xxxooo

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