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My Adventures This Week

Somebody fell in love with me this afternoon.

Somebody disappointed me Tuesday morning.

The adventures of (dot dot dot)



I have to admit that I don't have a handle on this "hotel life" yet. When someone claims that they want .... nay.. "NEED" to see me at 10 in the morning. I really do try to accommodate. But that means I have to check into a place the night BEFORE the appointment.

That's a night on me. So that I can be ready and set up for the next morning. But then, to have that morning appointment cancel....

Well, wait a sec.. that's two nights on me. This hurts.

So a whole wasted day. But, I paid for it right?

I have to make the best of a frustrating situation. I spent a lot of time in the whirlpool. I made modifications to my phone sessions. I took some selfies. Maybe gratified myself very loudly and just blatantly, unapologetically had a Rhea Moore Vacation. Much needed.

A sexy, wonderful, just awesome person gifted me a manicure/pedicure through my

account. Totally awesome!!!

And I reunited with a (Oh My God, How Do I Describe Him? You Remember Me Now?) patron. I hadn't seen in over two years. Blessings!! And then, to my surprise, somebody came along and fell in love with me. I love... love. Yes, fall in love with me. For the 2 hours. And then go home sexy.

I am heading back down to the whirlpool because I just called the front desk and asked them if it is uninhabited. And they said.... "Come On"

My adventures for this week. If you want to be part of them. Well, if you're keeping up with my blog and website and twitter posts. You know what to do.

Rhea Moore xxxooo

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