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New & Exciting Changes at MooreMassage

First of all, I'm offering 30 mn sessions now. Also I have raised my rates. You'll notice there is a $25 charge tacked on to each session. But, if you are a repeat friend and you book at least a day in advance, you can take $25 off that session.

Massage & Moore: Sessions are for Time Only

This is like time spent with your girlfriend, if I were your girlfriend. I greet you in lingerie, hosiery, heels, make up. Offer a drink. Show you around my pad. Ask how you'd like to start: a massage? visit on the couch? lounge on the bed? Get to know each other. Take our time. Make it sublime. I have an assortment of accoutrements for your pleasure and mine.

30 mn = $325 60 mn = $425 90 mn = $525 2 hrs = $625


Secondly I am now offering an easier way to get through the screening process:

Phone Session for Screening

For my Brand New Patrons. It's so easy to have a fun light conversation, getting to know eachother, trying to determine if we are compatible. ​ I will ask you my pertinent screening questions. You can be curious about anything you want. ​ About 15 mn = $25 (to be applied to your first visit)

Phone Session for Fun!

For EVERYBODY!! Get to know each other? Sure! Talk Dirty to Me? For Sure! Fantasy Role Play! Deep Discussions! Pouring your Heart Out! Sinful Confessions? Yes! Yes! & Yes! ​ About 30 mn = $50

Schedule Phone Session by texting me: 612-816-3644 Tell me the name you'd like to use, when you'd like to schedule, and what the purpose for the call is: Screening or Fun Cash App $moorelove355 Venmo: mgirl5951

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