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Setting Intention for the Coming Week

I have a deck of cards called Faith for Life cards. Each card has one inspirational work on it's face and on the back are quotes or thoughts for contemplation upon that word.

I wake up in the morning each day and shuffle my deck then I pick two cards out of the pile. It's a wonderful tool for reflection and introspection.

Moving forward with this new year, I once again went to my deck:

It was a confirming meditation to know of course that I had strength enough... WE ALL had strength enough to face these past two years, survive them, and continue to have hope in life and humanity.

But I also realize that sometimes its easier to dwell on calamity and tragedy. For me, I want to focus on breaking through the limiting beliefs I've held in the past that keep from success.

If I was strong enough to endure..... I also have strength enough to flourish.

If I was able to overcome... I am also able to soar.

Strength enough to move past limiting boundaries and accept so much Moore that life has in store.

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with you all,

Rhea Moore xxxooo

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