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SW Screening: Method or Madness?

Don't let the title fool you. This blog is not an attempt at debating the age old question of the "fairness" or necessity of screening.

This is simply my own unapologetic statement. I screen. It's my business. There are many other providers in the industry to choose from if my methods aren't appealing.

In this blog I want to go over my own personal form and try to explain

WHY I ask for certain information,

WHAT is actually being asked of you,

and HOW you can make this process So So Easy.

Here is the link to find my booking form on this website:

My first question: Your First and Last Name. Here, I'm asking for your REAL first and last name.

I've heard the question asked, "If you aren't giving your real name, why should I give mine?"

I have two responses to that:

1. I am offering you SO MUCH MORE than my name. (it should go without saying because you are the one asking for MY SERVICE.) I'm giving safe setting, fantasy experience, intimacy on a different level than you've had before, freedom of exploration with out the commitment of trapped relationship... etc etc... I'm sure you can think of many more reasons that compel you to contact me.

2. I have an online presence. So that when you search my "character" you get my photos, my personality, my expression, my presence, my service, you get to know me. The ME you will be interacting with. YOU DON'T HAVE THAT!! The only way I can get to know you is your REAL NAME.

My Second Question: Your email address and phone number. Here all I'm asking for is the best way to contact you. In this manner we can keep communication open between us and when you contact me via text, phone call, or email, I know who it is I'm talking to.

Things I will NEVER! EVER! do with this info: I will never call you out of the blue. I will never contact you via phone or texting without prompting from you asking me to do so. I will never sell your info to any lists or use your info to spam, scam, or harm you. The reason you know this is true is because my name is my brand, I have a reputation that I have built through many years of being in this industry and I haven't had one complaint yet.

My Third Question is: Your age, interests, fetishes, hobbies. What I'm asking you to do is introduce yourself in the context of this arena. I'm interested in age because I am more comfortable with people who are my age or older. If you tell me you're retired but give me your age as 40 or younger, I'll be suspect. If you are nervous about meeting me and you're in your 70's or 80's please don't be: you are my favorite people. Old School! Sexy!

Just tell me a little about yourself. That way, I can plan a compatible evening for both of us.

My Fourth Question is: Work. Company name, email, phone, website, LinkedIn. It's self explanatory, but "Why?" you might ask. I need to be comfortable, feel safe in your presence and trust that you have ties and connections to a community. I need to know that you are interested in the CONTINUATION of my business, of my community. Also, I look for similar interests where your career is concerned.

I have many ways that I can verify your employment if you give me all info asked for. None of it involves contacting you or your work in any way, shape, or form.... unless you ask me to. I won't tell you how, but it's extremely discrete and all I'm looking for is the proof that you actually do work at the company you say you work for.

I never EVER save this information. Once it's verified, I delete it all.

BUT if you don't want to give me that info, Easily solved...

My Sixth Question is: Past Providers. Their name, email, phone, website, ad site. If you've seen somebody in the past six months that can verify who you are, that they did see you, and that you were AWESOME! And I can verify that they have as pristine a reputation and longevity in this industry as I have, then I can bypass all the searches and you would be good to go!

But I need to know that they've been in the industry a while. I would look for their reviews, I would hope that I actually already know them, I would look to see their response to my inquiries.

Therefor the best thing you can do if you want to take this route is to contact that provider and ask her if it's ok for you to use them as a reference. If they are anything like me: they will be none too happy to be a reference because safety in numbers is what our community is all about. Once we can build and maintain a thriving community between providers and well known "clients" we can all feel more safe and have a lot more fun.

My Final Question is simply asking for your Online Presence. Are you on Twitter? LinkedIn? TER, P411 or any other review sites? What is your handle? I would, again, just like to get to know you a little better in order to make our date as wonderful as possible.

I hope this helped a little to clear some of the confusion up. (If you actually read it to the end hahah)

And perhaps it makes you feel a little more comfortable to fill out my booking form and get over here and see me soon.

Yours Sexily,

Rhea xxxooo

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