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Thanks, Availability, & Something New

I want to thank you. I want to thank all of you who expressed your support during this difficult time for me and my family.

You know, before this rough year started, I was thinking about the need to create a "brand" for my business. I see so many successful sw "sticking to their brand" and keeping personal life out of business.

But now, I realize that I actually have developed a brand. I don't make myself elite, or luxurious, or investment wise, etc.

My actual brand is that is "Community Member" hah! It might sound boring but, in fact, it really is me. I'm a member of a wonderful community. I offer a service to that community and for the most part become friends with the people I see. I feel very small town here in my little life and the people who come and go from my studio, read my blogs, message me etc are all part of my little slice of heaven. (tragic though it may be sometimes)

So, thank you for being part of it as well. You all are lovely!!

YES!! I am ready to be available again. I realize very strongly now that I need to take care of myself and my needs in order that I can be there for others.

I am available starting Feb. 3

Thursday: 11 am - midnight

FRiday: 11 am - midnight

Saturday: 11 am - midnight

I will update on Twitter each day as time gets filled. Also feel free to book in advance, I have open availability next week as well.

I am going through all of the contact forms, texts, tweets, emails, and phone messages that I have received these past couple of months, but I must apologize, it is a great deal more than I feel I can respond to. I am going to delete the messages I received from last year. My hope is that if you're still interested in seeing me now, you'll notice I'm available and you will re-contact me.

I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience, I just don't want to poke you if you've already moved on to something else.

Something New:

I'm going to start offering phone sessions. I'll put more details on my website but there will be a charge of 25$ per 15 mn session.

Phone sessions can be useful: Perhaps you'd prefer to take care of the screening process via phone call instead of typing it out on a contact form.

Phone sessions can be friendly: Maybe you just want to hear my voice and have a chat before you commit to seeing me in person. Or maybe you already know me and just want a conversation with a friend and also want to make sure I'm gifted and taken care of.

Phone sessions can be sexy: We can get right down to it and express our hidden kinky sides to each other. Maybe you don't want to go out into the winter but you want a sexy voice to stroke your imagination while we both climax in our own personal space.

I'm going to start these sessions on Sunday. So stay tuned to how you can participate.

Laughter, love, and light,

Rhea xxxxoooo

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