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Third Contact

Because he was sitting on a picnic table. As I walked by.

This happened. It actually happened.

He was sitting at a picnick table.

He was drawing something in some kind of journal.

I walked by but I had to go back, because he had a"Vikings" Jersey on....

You would not understand unless I shared my dreams..

Suffice it to say, He was a visitor.

He said to me in so many words..

"Read Carlos Castinada"

Two minutes later.. the "Sun God" in Bemidji.

I can rephrase that.. a regular "Joe" in Bemidji called me and said

"Come over and glean through these books before I donate them to Goodwill. One particular book I would recommend: "The Active Side Of Infinity"

That actually happened. So much more to the story. But I got the book.

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