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To Quote My Best Friend...

"If this is life... why would you WANT to be SOBER!!!!"

The context behind that quote is a whole different story, but it's still one of my favorite lines from any decade.

Right now I'm referring to 2021.

I might have been drunk at least 300 out of 365 days.

I worked out TWICE.... TWICE... the whole year. I mean, actually put on work out clothes and went to the gym with the intention of sweating.


So, no surprise, I was sick a lot.

I really want to close the door on last year without feeling the need to explain all the trauma, tragedy, and turmoil that I (and my family.... matter of fact... and my friends) went through.

We all already KNOW! If we lived this past year, we already know.

I've received emails, texts, dm's and vm's from you all. You're wondering if I'm okay. You're wondering if you did something wrong. You're wondering why I haven't returned messages.

And for all of that I sincerely apologize.

At one point I tried to pretend that life could just go on as per usual. I tried to muster the energy to maintain a "professional" appearance, but I failed.

But now, life starts again.

Let's see what 2022 will bring. Maybe an available schedule, and me actually taking appointments. : )


Rhea Moore xxxxoooo

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