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She smiles at you and welcomes you into her studio. She touches you with her gaze first, warmly taking you in with her blue eyes, accepting everything about you. She reaches out and strokes your arm, gauging your comfort level. She offers a hug, enfolding you in a soft, safe bubble of warmth, acceptance, and sensuality.

“May I undress you?” she offers. You realize that she wants to be with you from beginning to end.

Her hands are slow and purposeful. She is hugging you, kneading your shoulders and back, and slowly pulling your shirt away from your body all at the same time. She wants you to touch her, kiss her, tug at her hair as she sinks to her knees in front of you, unzipping your pants, whetting her lips……

Naked now, and hungry for more, you lay upon her table on your stomach and realize,

It's only Tuesday.

I am available today from 3pm until 11pm.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 3/15 10am until 11pm

Thursday 3/16 10am until 11pm

Friday 3/17 10 am until 11pm

I'm centrally located between St. Paul and Mpls. Discretion and ample parking are a given.

The best way to schedule after reading through this website is to text me: 612-816-3644

Always available with QuickStop for my known patrons.

Love, Rhea xxxooo

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