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Wonderful Winter Retreat (In April)

Updated: Apr 21

Cozying up with the retreat manager's dog, eating good nourishing food, and waking up to almost a foot of snow.. (still snowing by the way)

That is how my writing retreat in my yurt community is going. We gather and inspire each other, then we go into our isolated "tents" and write, think, (masturbate ; ) and just simply BE.

It's definitely been a needed escape for me. I will add that the best way I personally do my writing is that I purge everything. My first step is to just write everything like I'm channeling. No editing, no stopping, just flow like the waterfalls in these river adjacent northern cities when the snow starts to melt. I just let the words tumble out of me.

Then a story or an anecdote might begin to take shape. We'll see if anything but inner healing comes out of this retreat. Although, inner healing is something all of us are longing for right now.

I feel the desire to stay here for a while so I will travel into the nearest city every once in a while and make myself available for any one who is North of Brainerd, East of Fargo, & West of Duluth.

You should definitely check out the services page here on my website and hit me up.

Email me:

Call me: 612-816-3644

I will post my availability on Twitter@mooremassage

And P411.

Also my phone lines are open. If you would like to have a phone session please text me and let me know. We can schedule it for a time that's discrete and convenient for you and have lots of fun. We can also exchange information for the next time you'd like to see me in person. I'm really looking forward to meeting your needs.

Love Always,

Rhea Moore

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