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You Sip On My Love

You sip on my love, gently nudging my lips apart. Your tongue strokes this ember burning within. This yearning to feel

you sinking into me.

Your body blazing against mine, my legs wrapped around your shoulders, thighs squeezing your neck.

I am panting my ecstasy into this balmy room, my breathing trying to catch up with the pounding of my heart.

Your kisses peak of fire, your touch searing red hot streaks upon my belly scorches my skin and I am branded yours.

Yours for this moment as winter blankets the land outside, yours in this season of white envelopes laid discretely on the table, and bottles of wine passed round as gifts, yours until we smile gently at each other, each spent, tired, and satisfied.

I am yours until your coat is buttoned round you again, your gloved hands waving goodbye, and the cold night air is beckoning you to your other world. You pause in the doorway still drunk from my juices and whisper, “I can’t wait til I can see you again.”

And I? I’m already dreaming about the next time…….

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