Finally the Juicy Fun of it All. 

I offer several sessions for your pleasure. 

  • Rates are for time only. 

  • The session descriptions are a base point to start from. 

  • The details are between you and I.  Our chemistry, our open-ness, and our willingness to explore. 

  • You're always welcome to ask anything you want ONCE YOU ARE IN MY STUDIO.  All other inquiries are answered on these pages or in my blog.


Remember, I am fully trained in Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue, & Tapotement massage.  I greet you as a professional massage therapist and guide you to my studio.

My skills will render you completely relaxed and thoroughly worked over.  I'm also open minded, sensual, and scandalous.  My hands, mouth, and tongue might wander or linger if you allow.  I prefer to be as dressed or undressed as you are during a session and let the chemistry go where it must.

Organic coconut oil used.  Shower available.

The Massage : 250.00      60 mn

Massage & Moore:

1 hour = 300

*2 hours = 400

3 hours = 500

*most popular

This is like time spent with your girlfriend, if I were your girlfriend.  I greet you in lingerie, hosiery, heels, make up.  Offer a drink. Show you around my pad.  Ask how you'd like to start: a massage? visit on the couch? lounge on the bed?

Get to know each other.  Take our time. Make it sublime. I have an assortment of accoutrements for your pleasure and mine.


Still Need Moore? 

Date Rhea :  5/6 hours  = 800

Lunch or dinner, cook in, eat out, Karaoke, museum trek, live music, sports, exploring antiques shops or sex stores, movies, casino night... etc

I'm your fun, up for anything companion.

After a few hours out and about we can retire to your place or mine for unique, cozy, sensual down time. 

Overnight = 1500

We hit it off so well that you don't want to part my company. Stay.

All night.

(many different variations here, let's communicate) 


Fun Bonus for Favored Friends:  Rhea's Quick Stop = 200

If we already know each other.  If our chemistry is already established. This feature is for you.

     Sometimes in the scope of your day, you might think of me and just want a succulent squeeze, a quick release, a drink and a wink, a fast pop and drop.  Maybe you just find yourself in the neighborhood and want to check in for a kiss or two, a last minute idea that might put a day long smile on your face.

     Well I offer you Rhea's Quick Stop.  I'll greet you how I am in that moment (if available).  You can pop in for twenty minutes or so for a quick check up on all things vital.  Then be on your way refreshed.  

     You'll book this by texting me: 612-816-3644

Text "Quick Stop" Tell me who you are, when you saw me last, what time you'd like to pop in.  If I'm available I'll text you back.